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  • The following are the basic controls for the COUNT-UP games.
    Players can freely and easily navigate through the menu options by using the arrow keys.


    - Press the ▲▼ buttons in the main menu, 
      and select [Practice]. 
    - Confirm with the  button. 

    - Select [Count-Up] using the ▲▼buttons. 
    - Confirm with the 

    - Press the ▲▼ buttons to select the number of players.
    - Confirm with the 

    - Tap your VSPHOENIX Online Card to the card reader, 
      and press the 
    button to confirm user.

    - Select the player to go first with the ◀▶ buttons. 
    - Confirm with the 

    * This screen is not displayed if you are playing alone.

    Enjoy your Game!

  • The following are the advanced controls for the VSPhoenix Digital Dart Board and the different games and options that are available.




    Players can set a Handicap when facing opponents of different levels.

    Games with handicap option available are: 01-Game/Cricket/Count-Up



    Game Setting

    Players can use the [Game Setting] option to change the level of difficulty by changing the conditions of the basic game rules. You can change the various settings below to increase the challenge and thrill of each game.

    Game Setting for 01-GAME

    HARD MODE - Automatic DOUBLE OUT, BULL 24/50

    IN OPTION - Designates the conditions for the game to begin.

    DOUBLE - Game starts by hitting the double line

    TRIPLE - Game starts by hitting the triple line

    MASTER - Game starts by hitting either double or triple

    OUT OPTION - Designates the conditions for the game to end.

    DOUBLE - Game ends by hitting the double line

    MASTER - Game ends by hitting either double or triple line

    BULL SPLIT - Set score for S-Bull & D-Bull from 25/50 or 50/50.

    PARITY PLAY - Designates a condition of continuing the game until all the players finish. (Removes the advantage of the first thrower)


    Game Setting for CRICKET

    CUT THROAT - In the CRICKET game, adds the corresponding points to the other player when hitting the cricket number more than 3 times. More aggressive gameplay is possible compared to the standard rules by setting this option when there are more than 3 players.

    OPEN BONUS - When setting the HIDDEN CRICKET, adds bonus points whenever a player finds the hidden cricket number.


    Game Setting for HALF-IT

    DIFFICULTY - Condition settings for round clear

    MASTER - Round clear by hitting at least 2 marks

    GRAND MASTER - Round clear by hitting at least 3 marks



    SWITCH THE ORDER (Changing the Throwing Order)

    When starting with 1vs1 (Singles), you can switch to a 1vs2 (Single vs Double) game or a 2vs2 (Double vs Double) game.


    Dart Unthrow

    DART UNTHROW (Cancelling a Previous Throw)

    Players can use this function to cancel a previous throw in the event of an error or if the score is incorrectly recognized.



    Previous match result

    STAT RECALL (View Previous Match Results)

    Players can use this function to view the results of previous matches (when a game is not in progress). Press [D-Bull] to view previous match results.




    Players can use this function to view detailed descriptions of the rules of the current game.




    Players can use this function to cancel and reset a game without inserting additional coins if the wrong type of game was selected and only if no darts have been thrown.



    RETURN TO GAME (Return to Gaming Screen)

    Players can use this function to return to the previous game screen once they are finished making adjustments using the 'Playing Option' function.

    Repeat Game

    After a game has ended, you can play it all over again from the start using the Options button in Stats screen.

    * If card has been touched, game is restarted after the card data is saved. * Restart disabled without coin.

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