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Match list generation guide

  • * How to create Tournament Bracket

    ● When the player creates the Tournament Bracket, it is possible for the player to proceed with the tournament in all machines installed in same shop.
    ● The player is able to creat one tournament per online card and the created tournament will be delected automatically in case there is no any game within 24 hours.
    ● Created tournaments are allowed to play for 8 days.

    STEP 1

    Enter the menu
    Select [HOUSE TOURNAMENT] on machine [MATCH]


    STEP 2

    Create Tournaments
    Select MAKE TOURNAMENT(Create Tournament) and touch the online card
    * Smart check-in is available[How to check in>]


    STEP 3

    Select tournament type
    Select from among Single Elimination(Single-knockout) & Double Elimination(Consolation match)


    STEP 4

    After the match setting, Select [Create Tournament]
    1. Player Mode : Singles, Doubles, Trio, Gallon, Team
    2. Setting on the number of Participants: Minimum 4 ~ Maximum 256 (up to the round of 64)
    3. AUTO HANDICAP: Based on the card rating, the player can choose whether or not to use the auto handicap.
    ※Although the player doesn't have the Phoenix Darts ID, it is possbiel for the player to participate in the match. However, the player can not apply for the handicap.


    STEP 5

    ※ [Game Setting in detail] When selecting, the detail setting is available as follows.
    1. The number of LEG: Select from among 1, 3, 5 LEG
    2. Game setting by LEG: 501, 701, 901, S.CRI, COUNT-UP, CR.COUNT-UP, CHOICE
    3. Select the detail option of match
    (1) NORMAL : OI/OO, Bull 50/50
    (2) HARD: OI/DO, Bull 25/50
    (3) PRO: OI/DO, Bull 25/50, Arrange OFF
    * Also, it is possible to set the configuration of main and final match differently.


    STEP 6

    Player Entry
    After select the team, please touch the card or SMART CHECK-IN is available.


    STEP 7

    See the bracket information
    After checking the bracket, start the match.
    ※Randomly, it is possible to change through SEEDING (Bull Touch).


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