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Entry guide

  • * How to participate in the tournament

    ● When the player participates in the tournament, it is necessary for the tournament creator or the player to check through touching the card or SMART CHECK-IN

    STEP 1

    Enter the menu
    Select [HOUSE TOURNAMENT] on machine [MATCH]


    STEP 2

    Enter after selecting the preferred tournament
    ※ When you participate in the tournament at first time, the player needs to touch a card or proceed with the SMART CHECK-IN


    STEP 3

    After the tournament information, Start the game
    It is possible for the player to see the tournament type, Setting status, the bracket.


    STEP 4

    See the match list and relevant information as follows.
    (1) START : The match is that both teams are assigned and progressable.
    (2) WAITING : The match is not fully assigned to the team in the bracket or after match, the player is waiting for the next match to end.
    (3) PLAYING : Matches is in progress in another machine.
    ※ Before starting the match(in case of over the doubles) on the main menu, it is possbile to set the play order by player and abstention.


    STEP 5

    It is possbile to decide that who throws first via Coin toss or manually on the machine
    ※After 1 LEG, it is applied based on the loser first (It can be changed manually.)


    STEP 6

    Start the macth


    STEP 7

    After the macth, it is possible for player to check the result of game.


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