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  • [How to play Hyper Jump Up]
    Hit the target that shines yellow in order to increase your multiple rate and obtain higher scores.

    [Determining the winner]
    The player with the most points at the end of the final round wins

  • [POINT1] How to earn points

    Your multiple rate will be increased every time you hit a shining target, except for bull, and your score is the number the dart hit multipled by your multiple rate. The shining bull can be hit 4 times

    (EX) If you hit triple 15 when your multiple rate is 15, you will earn 15 X 3 X 15 = 674 points 
    (EX) If you hit triple 20 when it is not shining, you will earn 20 X 3 = 60 points 

  • [POINT2] How to increase the number of shining targets

    When the game starts, the numbers 「1」「2」「3」「4」「5」 will be shining
    If you hit a single, one more shining target will appear, if you hit a double, two more, and if you hit a triple, three more.
    Once a shining target is hit, it will turn back into a normal one. 

    (EX) If you hit the target number 「1」 at the game's start

  • [POINT3] How to increase your multiple rate

    If you hit a single zone of the shining target your multiple rate will increase by 1

    If you hit a double your multiple rate will increase by 2 and a triple will increase it by 3

    If you hit bull while it is shining you will gain 50 points X your multiple rate, but your multiple rate will not increase.

    ※The bull is considered as a normal target when it's not shining and will grant 50 points The maximum multiple rate you can obtain is 61


    (EX)When you hit the single zone of a shining target

    1 shining target is added >> your multiple rate is increased by 1 >> the target you hit will no longer shine

  • [POINT4] How to utilize


    「COMBO」 is an exciting addition to the hyper jump up game !

    「COMBO」 occurs when you hit 3 shining targets in a single round. The points earned by the third dart will be tripled.

    ※ Combos will not increase your multiple rate


    (EX) Points gained without Combo versus points gained with Combo

  • If you hit the shining bull, regardless of your multiple rate, the gained points will be added to your score.
    Your multiple rate will not change. 
    If you get a HAT-TRICK, you will get a COMBO and the last shot will count as a triple and you will earn a lot of points.
    ※The bull is considered as a normal target when it's not shining and will give you 50 points 

  • Conditions of victory

    When all rounds are completed, the player with the highest score wins.

    Game Tips

    Increase your multiple rate in the early rounds !

    In the early rounds, aim at the triple zone of the shining targets to increase your multiple rate rather than aiming for a COMBO !

    In the middle and later rounds, use COMBOs to get high scores !
    In the later rounds hit the shining targets and use COMBOs !

    Hit the bull with your third shot !
    While hitting the bull, the points gained will be added directly to your score.
    Interuse it with COMBOs and get triple points to obtain a higher score !