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[Notifications] Revisions to the Privacy Policy

Dear Phoenxidarts players, We would like to thank all customers for using Phoenix Darts services. We hereby inform you that our Privacy Policy has been revised. Please refer to the revised content of the Privacy Policy when using the services. The full text of the revised Privacy Policy and the key changes can be found below. 

  • ■ Phoenix Darts Privacy Policy Revisions
    Application Target : Privacy Policy
    Date of Application (Date of Effect) : 2023-07-19
Privacy Policy before Revision Privacy Policy after Revision
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  • ■ Key Revisions 
    • Specified scope of Privacy Policy application
    • Added details of personal information sharing
    • Changed clause numbers and corrected the content
    • Executed other corrections, such as of typing errors
  • ※ Please note that you are deemed to have given consent to the revised Privacy Policy unless expressing rejection by 19th, July, 2023.
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