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  • 最喜愛的比賽
  • 是否有男/女朋友?
  • 個人愛好
  • 您最喜愛的食物是?
  • 最喜愛的飲料
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Membership Withdrawal Guide

  • Membership Withdrawal Guide

    You need to register as a member to use various services provided by Phoenixdart, such as the website and customer center.

    When signing up for membership, the following information will be collected.

    [ Collected Information ]
    - ID, email, nickname, password, password verification, card number (Phoenix Club card), mobile phone number, SMS Accessibility, country information

    The information provided at the time of membership registration, can be deleted through ‘Membership Withdrawal’ Menu.
    Please consider carefully before proceeding the membership withdrawal since all website usage records (including posts, comments, friends, conversations, etc.) will be deleted and they cannot be recovered.

  • 1. Log in to the Phoenixdarts website.

  • 2. Click [Menu] → [My Page] → [Various settings]

  • 3. Various settings Top → Account and information → Click [Withdraw from membership]

  • 4. Check the precautions for membership withdrawal.

    * Please note that all website usage records (including posts, comments, friends, and conversations) will be deleted and cannot be recovered.
    * Please note that all personal information collected upon membership registration will be deleted, and they cannot be recovered.
    * If there is a participating competition at the time of membership withdrawal, a player cannot withdraw from membership until the competition ends.
    * Please refer the 'Membership Withdrawal' page for other details.

  • 5. If you have checked all the precautions, click the [Membership Withdrawal Application] button after checking the consent button for membership withdrawal application.

  • 6. Confirm the completion of membership withdrawal.

    * Withdrawn Phoenix Cards cannot be re-registered for 60 days from the date of withdrawal.

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