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About Machine

  • ## Based on VS Phoenix S

    What is soft tip darts? 
    Soft tip darts was developed in order to eliminate the risk of steel tip dart injury and the complication of point calculation.
    Scores are automatically displayed through sensor reaction. The characteristic features include online matches from remote areas, numerous application games, a variety of sound effects and vibrant graphics. 
    Phoenix Darts’ VS Phoenix S is the latest model succeeding the existing Phoenix and VS Phoenix.
    The board is attached to the wall surface as closely as possible to realize a slim-lined exterior.
    In addition, a wide 27” monitor can be attached to the top and an LED throw-line is provided as an option.

    # VS Phoenix S

    Dual Camera
    Dual camera applied by Phoenix as the world’s first has become a standard of electronic darts. As the camera shows opponents and their targets, this function adds to the reliability of online games. 

    Dual Monitor
    A 27” monitor can be mounted on the machine in addition to the built-in 23” monitor.
    The two screens will draw attention of players and the gallery. 

    The darts board is designed in a slim-line shape so that the machine can be installed as closely to the wall surface as possible. As a result, players can estimate their throwing distances more accurately.
    The brilliantly lit numbers on the dart board also draws attention. 

    Control Button 
    The button control and durability have been enhanced.
    The cross-shaped rudder, a standard for arcade games, offers easy, rapid control. 

    Card Reader
    Phoenix Darts’ RFID card reader swiftly shows the information saved on the card.
    The changing colors distinguishing players is another interesting feature. 

    LED Throw Line
    The sideline lighting has been extended to the enlarged monitor and throw carpet, making the machine look all the more splendid. Players and the gallery will enjoy the world of fantasy.

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