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Gold Battle to increase gold points

  • An effective way to increase gold is 'Gold Battle.'

    In a Gold Battle, you and your opponent play a game at the cost of gold points.
    If you win, you can get your opponent's gold points. You can stake hold points according to your VS level.
    So, this is a good opportunity to win a lot of gold points at once.
    Count Up, Zero One, which as 301, 501 and 701, and Standard Cricket can be played as Gold Battle.

    1. Select VS Mode in the main menu and select a game from Count Up, 301/ 501/ 701 and Standard Cricket.
    2. In VS mode, games are played as 1 : 1 games. Once you start a game, you can change it to Doubles.
    3. Touch your Phoenix Club Card to have yourself recognized.
    4. Designate the number of gold points for batting using up/ down buttons.
        The number of gold points you can stake is limited according to your VS rank.
    5. Start the game! An image of gallant Roman warriors running into one another is displayed on the screen. 
    6. Proceed with game. It is interesting see how gold continues to move to the winning player at each moment. 

    ▲ How to Bet Your Gold Points:
        Decide the number of gold points to bet using up/ down buttons in the pre-game screen
        (a screen where the player beginning the game is decided).
    ▲ Number of Points Available for Betting in Gold Battle:
        The max. points each player can bet is the VS level x 100 times of a player whose VS level is lower.
        If the points either of the players has is lower than this level, the 'gold points of a player who
        has smaller points' are applied.
    ▲ Conditions for Building Gold Points:
        Gold is built up only when you use Phoenix Club Card, insert coins and complete a game to the final round.
        The number of coins inserted per game is not relevant with gold accumulation.
    ▲ Gold Points Available to Win per Game:
        Bonus gold points are added according to
        △ VS GAME (1:1 match) status △ win/ lose status in a game and △ awards won during a game.

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