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[Notice] 2022 Malaysia Region League

1.League Date
  • Registration Period: 22nd November 2022 - 2nd December 2022
  • League Period: 13th December 2022 - 5th January 2023
    *Every Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30PM
  • Grand Final: 8th Jan 2023 (Northern, Southern and East Malaysia) & 14th Jan 2023 (Central Region) - 3pm
Schedule Tuesday,
• Round 1 (13/12/22)
• Round 3 (20/12/22)
• Round 5 (03/01/23)
• Round 2 (15/12/22)
• Round 4 (22/12/22)
• Round 6 (05/01/23)
2.Entry Requirements
  • Per Team: RM200
  • Min 2 players, Max 4 players per team
  • Maximum 30 Rating Combination (TOP 2 Combined Player Rating in Team)
  • Participants are required to have a PDS OFFICIAL CARD
Rating Chart AAA AA A BBB BB
21 & above 20 ◀ 17 16 ◀ 14 13 ◀ 12 11 & below
21 AAA x 1
9 BB x 1
8 BB x 1 (Sub)
7 BB x 1 (Sub)
16 A x 1
14 A x 1
12 BBB x 1 (Sub)
10 BB x 1 (Sub)
14 A x 1
12 BBB x 1
3.Prize Pool
Division Champion 2ND Place 3RD Place 4TH Place Joint 5TH
Central RM3,000 RM1,600 RM800 RM400 RM200
Northern RM3,000 RM1,600 RM800 RM400 RM200
Southern RM3,000 RM1,600 RM800 RM400 RM200
East MY RM3,000 RM1,600 RM800 RM400 RM200

Champion: Trophy, Top 8: Medals

4.Game Format
  • Round Robin

    • Consist of 6 Matches (2 Cycle). Each match consists of 6 Sets.
    • A player can only join each mode TWICE (2 x Single, 2 x Double)
    • For every Set, 1st Leg: Coin Toss
    • 2nd Leg: Loser of 1st Leg will start first
    • Deciding Leg: Coin Toss
    • Points gained based on number of Set’s Won (1 Set = 1 Point)

Min RM24 to RM36 / Night

Set Mode Game Format
1 Single 501 - 501 - 501 Open In/Master Out
2 Single CR - CR - CR Standard Cricket
3 Single 501 - CR - CH Open In/Master Out
4 Single 501 - CR - CH Open In/Master Out
5 Double 701 - 701 - 701 Open In/Master Out
6 Double CR - CR - CR Standard CR

*Auto-Handicap Applied

5.Rules & Regulations
  • I.Round Robin

    • Each group consist of 3-4 teams (2 cycle)
    • All games are played Online
    • Teams must complete round robin in order to qualify to Grand Final
  • II.Handicap Settings

    • Handicap settings are based on each player’s official rating by the Organiser
    • Organiser may & shall adjust the Handicap settings for a player at any given time during the league if deem necessary.
  • III.Team, Attendance & Line-up

    • Each group consist of 3-4 teams (2 cycle)
    • Teams are ADVISED to line-up at least 30 Minutes before GAME ON.
    • Teams reported being late will be penalized ONE (-1) points after the first THIRTY (30) Minutes from the complaint received.
    • Teams who are not able to proceed the match after FOURTY-FIVE (45) Minutes may be forfeited from the match.
    • Matches with players that are not playing according to their line-up orders will be forfeited. Opposition team will be given the set point.
    • On each match day, all line-up players must present to play their game. Otherwise, the organiser reserves the right to FORFEIT the set if necessary.
    • Team found playing with non-registered player may be DISQUALIFIED from the league and will be BLACKLISTED indefinitely.
  • IV.Rescheduling & Forfeits

    • Teams are allowed to reschedule the matches with the consent of their opponent. Both teams must be in an agreement with the new rescheduled match date.
    • Teams that ‘Forfeited’ the match will be penalized TWO (-2) points. Opposition team will gain FOUR (+4) points.
  • V.Dart Thrown & Scoring

    • Dart throw & scoring for Online Games will be determined by the MACHINE SENSOR.
    • Throw will be considered as a MISS if it is NOT DETECTED by the machine sensor. (No re-throws allowed)
    • Players are not allowed to press with their fingers if the throw is not detected by the machine sensor.
    • Players are NOT ALLOWED to cross the THROWLINE during their turn or before completing their throw.
    • Players are advised to only cross the throwline after throwing three darts.
  • VI.Player & Board Camera

    • Team must ensure both machines' cameras are in WORKING CONDITION. Do not start the match with malfunction machines' camera.
    • If the opposition team’s camera malfunction during the match, please contact the organiser for further instructions. Do not start the next Set.
    • Any teams playing with a malfunction or faulty camera may be forfeited from the Set.
  • VII.Network & Disconnections

    • In the event of network DISCONNECTION or INTERRUPTION, both teams are required to RESTART the machines, RE-LOG into the match and SELECT THE LAST PLAYED SET to resume the game.
      The organiser reserves the rights to disqualify team with repetitive network disconnection, network disruption or bad connections more than THREE (3) MATCHES/WEEKS.
  • VIII.Substitutions

    • No Substitutions allowed once a team has the maximum number of 4 Players registered.
    • Players who have registered with a team will not be allowed to join any other teams within the same competition. Including those that has been substituted by their team.
  • IX.Dress Code

    • No attire restrictions.
    • Players are allowed and able to dress casually during the league.
  • X.League Ethics

    • No foul or inappropriate gestures should be shown towards opponent during match.
    • Do not make any last minute reschedules or delays towards matches or opposition captain
    • Do not delay the continuation of matches between Sets unless due to valid reasons.
7.Contact Person

For more details, please contact

  • Allan Lee: 016-234 9448
  • CK Cheng: 012-340 5752
  • Clarence Tan: 019-230 9201
  • Iskandar: 017-672 0698

Rules & regulations are subject to change at organisers discretion.
Please check our web and app frequently to find out if there are any changes or updates.

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