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[Event] The Derby CR Champion

Event Period
4/23/2021 – 5/9/2021
Event Type
CR Champion
Event Fee
Game Fee
Round Limit
Minimum Games
  • -Players must play a minimum of 20 games to generate a complete Champion MPR for ranking and to qualify for the division’s payout.
Champion AVG
  • -Player’s Champion MPR average for ranking is based on their top 20 Champion CR games played. Players can play as many Champion games as they want during the event period to maximize the MPR average for their top 20 games.
  • -
    1 – 7 General Rating
  • -
    8 – 13 General Rating
  • -
    14 – 19 General Rating
  • -
    20+ General Rating
  • -$1,200 Total | $300 per Division
    • ·1st $150
    • ·2nd $100
    • ·3rd $50
  • *A division must have a minimum of 10 players who have each played at least 20 Champion games. Otherwise, PDUSA reserves the right to reduce that division’s payout by up to 50%. If a division does not have at least 3 players who have played 20 games, PDUSA reserves the right to reduce that division’s payout by up to 80%.
Social Media Event
  • -PDUSA will run a social media event for The Derby CR Champion, please check our Facebook page ( leading up to The Derby CR Champion start date for any updates!
How to Register for The Champion
  • -When the event period begins, you can register for The Champion at a Phoenixdarts machine that is connected online.
    1. 1.Once you’re at a Phoenixdarts machine, access the Full Menu.
    2. 2.Highlight Competition and press the red button.
    3. 3.Highlight The Champion and press the red button.
    4. 4.Scan your Phoenix Club Card or Smart Check-In.
    5. 5.Use the arrow buttons to move to Competition Information then push the red button.
    6. 6.You will be taken to a list of Champion competitions you are eligible to register for. Highlight the Champion competition you would like to join and press the red button.
      1. a.You will be automatically placed in a division based on your General Rating. If you see that you have been placed in a division that you clearly do not belong in, email and we will review your division placement for confirmation. If you overachieve during your Champion games, you will be bumped up to a higher division. If this happens, your previous games may be disqualified and you may need to start from scratch in your new division.
    7. 7.Once you join the Champion competition, you will be required to take a picture before you can play any games. Your face must be clearly visible in this picture for identification purposes. If your picture does not meet this criteria your Champion games may be disqualified.
    8. 8.Before you begin The Champion, the machine will ask you to confirm that both cameras are working properly. If either player or target camera or not functional, please contact your operator and let them know that a repair is required. Any Champion games played on that machine before it’s repaired will be disqualified. You may move to another machine to play your Champion games, you are not required to play games on the machine that you used to register for the Champion event.
  1. 1.Games must be played on a machine that has both player and target cameras working properly.
  2. 2.Your face must be clearly visible in your Champion profile picture. If the player in your Champion games’ footage does not match your profile picture you will be disqualified from the event.
  3. 3.PDUSA reserves the right to change a player’s division placement at any time if there is evidence of sandbagging/overachieving. Players who are bumped may need to start from scratch in their new division. No refunds will be given for previously played games. Please notify PDUSA immediately (email: if you feel that you have been placed in a division that you do not belong in!
  4. 4.If a player is caught cheating or acting dishonestly in any way to gain a competitive advantage, the player will be removed from the event with no refunds given. Further sanctions may apply based on the severity of the offense(s).
  5. 5.The machine is always right. If the dart does not stick to the target and a score is not registered, the player must skip the dart and consider it a lost dart. This includes throwing a dart too early between rounds. However, if a dart sticks to the target but the machine did not score it, the player may push the loose dart deeper into the segment to register their score.