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[Event] March 2024 Monthly Fishing King

1.Eligible Participants
  • >Phoenixdarts Online Card Holders
  • >All players who play Real Fishing during the event period
2.How to Join and Check Ranking
[How to Join]
  • STEP 1. Visit a Shop
    • >Search for VSX-Installed shops near you on the Phoenixdarts Home Page or Mobile APP
  • STEP 2. Go to FUN ZONE on the VSX Machine → Select Real Fishing
    • >Login with your Online Card before playing to record your catches.
[Check your Ranking]
  • Phoenixdarts APP → Click the REAL FISHING App Icon → Check Ranking
  • Rankings can also be checked on the VSX machine when they appear in the Real Fishing campaign video
3.Terms & Conditions
  • ·In the case of a tie, the winner will be decided with the following methods.
    • 1)Largest Fish Size
    • 2)Most Amount of Fish Caught
  • ·In the case of multiple wins per account, duplicate prizes will not be given. The higher-ranked prize will be awarded and the lower ranked prize will be given to the next ranking player. However, duplicate prizes between coin-based and time-based shops are permitted.
  • ·If a player is determined to have cheated by the organizer, the prize may be canceled without prior notice.
  • ·After logging in, your points and ranking will be recorded.
  • ·For more information on how to claim your prize, please contact the appropriate operator for your country through the contact information below.

The content and details of this event may be changed by the organizer without prior notice.
Please check notices frequently for changes.

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