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※ The important Notice

In case of unpleasant conduct or unethical behavior during the competition from 25th March at 9 a.m. ~ 3rd May at 9 a.m. 2021, the player will be disqualified.
- Photos and videos of the tournament will be saved in Phoenixdarts system.

1.Competition Date & Place
- 25th March at 9 a.m. ~ 3rd May at 9 a.m. 2021
  1. 1.Host Shop
    Any shop with PHOENIXDARTS machines.
    ※ The machine must be connected to the internet.
  2. 2.Participant
    Phoenix card holder who has played more than 5 games!
  3. 3.Entry Fee
    Free of charge

Position Prizes
3rd CAP
4th ~ 8th PHOENIX Darts Set
  1. Prizes will be presented per division.
  2.  -In case of Pouch, there are two types of colors(Silver or Black) and each prize will be distributed randomly.
  3.  -In case of Cap, there are two types of colors(Red or Black) and each prize will be distributed randomly.
Who played the most games from all division
  1. The goods may be subject to change without notice.
  1. Terms and Condition
  2. 1.Results will be posted on the Phoenix website
    (7 days after the competition)
  3. 2.Prizes distribution method will be announced after the event.
  4. 3.Final ranking list will be announced officially after the video footage is examined carefully and upgraded to the upper division. For this reason, the division & rank may be changed before the announcement of the final ranking list.
  5. 4.The player who shows unpleasant conduct or unethical behavior during the competition and the ranking disqualified by less than 5 games will be replaced with an eligible player who has the next higher rank.
  6. 5.Prize collection information
    The date, time, place will be announced later.
  7. 6.If the number of games played is the same, the player who played the most games from all division will be selected based on the criteria as follows.
    1. 1)The player who first participated in the Champion event game
    2. 2)The average PPD based on top 5 game scores is higher than another player’s average PPD.
3.Competition Format & Classification
Divisions Game Type Ranking Criteria
Game Option
Division 1 (NO Handicap) 501 12.00 & above Open In / Open Out
Division 2 (NO Handicap) 11.99 & below
  1. The top 5 PPDs from all your champion games are averaged to make your score.
  2. There is no limit on the number of plays during the competition.
  3. There is an FREE entry fee tournament.
  4. Minimum 5 games.
  5. You can get grades by playing alone or fighting alone 1 ~ 4 people playable
  6. All rounds are reflected in the results of the game only for the end of the game.
  7. In case of joint ranking,
    First, the lowest PPD among top 5 PPDs will be used as comparison - the player with highest score will prevail.
    Second, the player with higher number of games played will prevail.
  8. If the player's performance is 4 ratings above of your participation registration rating for 3 consecutive times, they will be automatically upgraded to the division of those achieved ratings.
  9. In case of unpleasant conduct or unethical behavior during the competition, the player will be disqualified.

4.Entry method
Register yourself onto the machine automatically with your active POL Phoenix Club Card, or regular Phoenix Club Card for new members.
- See How to Participate at a Glance
  • Main Display
  • Competition Information Main
  • Competition Information
  • Competition Details
  • Photo shoot
  • Competition Details
  • Competition Information
  • Game Starts
- Information of Checking Competition Results / Ranking
The results of the competition / rankings can also be found on the championship site
(PC / Mobile)
  1. 1. If you play 1PLAYER, you can see the score of upper and lower players, your lowest score, the goal score for raising the rank, and the number of games required.
    2-4 Player Mode
    1 Player Mode
  2. 2. You can check the score if the game progress after the game is better than your lowest score. After the game is finished, you can select the game progress, mode selection, ranking check, and so on
  3. 3. You can check the ranking of the selected tournament, the width of the top and bottom of the day, the grade, and the date of the last throw.
  4. 4. In case of MY RANKING, you can check the ranking of the tournament you are participating in at the first stage and you can check the ranking of other players.

  1. Tel : +61 474 965 911
  2. E-mail :

Rules & regulations are subject to change at organisers discretion.
Please check our web and app frequently to find out if there are any changes or updates.

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