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1 I cannot change my profile picture.

There are image file formats that cannot be uploaded. (It even varies among jpg files as well.) If this is the case, open such files in a graphic program such as PhotoShop or Windows Paint. Then change the format, and upload the picture.

2 Can I transfer the data in my previous Phoenix Club Card to my new one?

Yes, you can transfer the data in my previous PHOENIX Club card to my new one.

Order of transferring data via computer.

  1. Log-In → My Page → Change my PHOENIX Club card → Enter card ID and PW → Copy card data (Complete)

3 Can the Phoenix Club Card be initialized?

Once the data is saved in the Phoenix Club Card, you cannot initialize it.

4 What do I do if I lose my Phoenix Club Card?

Purchase a new Phoenix Club Card, and transfer the data from your previous card.

Order of changing your Phoenix Club Card.


1. Log-In  My Page  Change personal info  Change my Phoenix Club Card

    → Enter PW and new card number  Data transfer to new card is complete

5 How can i cancel my membership?

All card info and records would be deleted in case you cancel your membership. If you still want to cancel your membership, send your card No. and PW to the customer center, and apply for membership cancellation.

6 I have failed mobile authentication for over three times. What should I do?

We will initilialize the process when you send your name and mobile phone number to the Manager E-mail address (

Home Venue

1 What is Home Venue?

Home Venue allows users to select a PHOENIX venue by using their cards. When you register a Home Venue, you can view their events, news and tournament info.

2 How can I designate a Home Venue?

Log-in to our official web-site, and go to My Page. Use your Phoenix Club Card to select among the PHOENIX venues which you played in.

3 How can I delete a Home Venue from my registered list?

Venues where you played after touching your card are automatically added to your list of [Visited venues]. You can delete and change the info of Home venues by selecting them from the list.

4 How can I change the list of my registered Home Venue?

Venues where you played after touching your card are automatically added to your list of [Visited venues]. You can delete and change the info of Home venues by selecting them from the list. 


1. Log-in → My Page → Change Home Venue 

    → Select and change the Home Venue among the items in the list.

Password / E-mail addr

1 Forgot your password?

When you forgot your password, please receive a temporary password to log-in.

How to issue a temporary password

  1. Log-in -> Click [Find ID/PW] -> Enter the mobile number that you entered for membership registration -> Check your e-mail address and find the issued password

※ Log-in with your temporary password. Then change your password for further usage.

2 How can I change my registered e-mail address to a new one?

You can change your e-mail address in My Page.

Order of changing your e-mail address via computer

  1. Log-in -> My Page -> Change personal info -> Change e-mail address -> Enter and register new e-mail address

Screen / Controls

1 What is a ranking?

When you play after touching your Phoenix Club Card, the game results and records would automatically be recorded in our official web-site real-time. When you register your card in our official web-site, you can set your own unique picture, nickname and award messages.

2 I gained a high score, but this was not reflected on my ranking.

Cases that are not reflected in your ranking are as the following

In case you have played less than a total of 10 games, including 01GAME, Cricket etc. (Reflected for ranking only when exceeding a total of 10 games. 2 player matches or games with handicaps are excluded.)

3 My records were not reflected on my rating.

You must play over 10 games, including 01GAME or Cricket in a match of at least two players. Then the stats and rating records would be recorded.


  • Ratings would be calculated even if you play 10 games of only 01GAME and Cricket. In case you play against i-ROBOT, this would not be counted. Thus, its ratings and stats would not be reflected as well. Stats of a player with a handicap would not be reflected.

4 It is too inconvenient to touch my Phoenix Club Card everytime I play.

[Save Card Info] function would relieve the inconvenience of having to touch your card every game.

When the final round is over, press the red button (Enter).

When [Save Card Info] is displayed on the screen, press the green button (Option) to save your card info. Then select 'YES' to continue playing or 'No' to play a different game.
◆ In case of 'Yes,' the game starts as soon as you put in credit (coins).
◆ In case of 'No,' you would go back to the main menu. Then you can select the games you would like to play. You do not need to touch your card again.

Installation / Others

1 How can I install a PHOENIX dart machine?

For installation related questions, please contact our headquarters 

2 How can I find the closest PHOENIX venue that provides on-line services?

Select the checkbox of 'On-line' in the 'Search PHOENIX venue' menu. Then search through 'Venue Name' or 'View Map'.

3 How can I register my regular dart venue?

Select your desired PHOENIX dart venue from the PHOENIX venue menu in our official web-site. Then click the 'Add regular venue' to register. You can register dart venues that do not use Phoenix Club Card as well.

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