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About Phoenix Dart

  • * Enjoy playing darts with a console!
    Enjoy a variety of Phoenix games by touching your Phoenix Club Card to a Phoenix Darts Console.
    You can check your performance with the game data saved in this card.

    * Data check with app & mobile page!
    Make friends with players you have played games with using Phoenix Darts app and  the real-time chatting function.

    You can check your accumulated play data real-time by downloading Phoenix app or  connecting to the mobile page.
    Check your rankings and access various data statistics analyzed by period and game.

    * Challenge Global Versus Movie!
    Become a national representative and enjoy games with players from all over the world.
    You can chat about games and request do-over match using chatting function.
    You can also participate in online matches against players from a number of local areas.

    * Item Shop
    Phoenix Item Shop offers a variety of items under various themes such as Style, Mark Award,
    Dynamic Frame and Sound. Create your own game screen using the items.

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