How to enjoy darts more!

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Play “fun”!
Excitement guaranteed by Phoenixdarts

Phoenixdarts is a sport that can be easily enjoyed by everybody without much spatial and time limitations !
Have fun with your family, friends and significant others (~)


Playing alone is also fun!
Single play / online
match available

Darts is exercise!
Improve teamwork with

Join the club and enjoy
even more!
If you want to play dart
as a serious hobby
join a Phoenixdarts club!

You know darts but
don’t know how to play?

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  • Introducing
    the Game
  • How to
  • How to

The middle part is called a 'Bull.'
If you hit it, you score 50 points!
(25 points depending on the game)
While it is important to aim for the bull
hitting the triples is also important to really achieve high scores
(Aim for the triple 20)!

The first player that reduces the score on the screen to 0 is the winner!

A dart practise game where the winner is determined by who has the higher score after 8 rounds

Select the game you want on the main screen!
Choose the number of players and make the payment!
* Scan the Phoenixdarts online card or Phoenixdarts club card if you have one!

1) Hold the center of the barrel with your index finger
2) Grab it with your thumb and place the rest of the fingers
3) Put your elbows horizontally and throw

Visit the official Phoenixdarts website for more useful information!

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You can find information for official tournaments and events here
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You can see information about where to finid Phoenixdart machines in your area
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You can buy a variety of items like background style, sound effect, etc. to customise your Phoenixdarts online card
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With the Phoenixdarts app
darts become more fun

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Once the game is finished, you can check your details
on the Phoenixdarts app conveniently on your
smartphone. You can see how much you have
improved from the graph as it shows information
from your last ten games

Forgotten your Phoenixdarts online card?
Open the Phoenixdarts app and shake your smartphone!

Play data are recorded automatically!
You can check how much you have improved through the graph that
shows your scores from the last 10 games!

You can see Phoenix shops around you right now!
You can also search using the shop name and Train stations.